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Anita Hassanandani aka Shagun from the TV serial “Yeh Hain Mohabattein” is the ultimate queen because of her fashion sense. Her styling is so good and the genre she is best in is blouse designs. Literally, each and every girl just want to steal her wardrobe. And in this article, we will be showing you 18 times where Anita Hassanandani blouse design are goals for all of us. So, here have a look at the article!

1) Anita Hassanandani Black Lace Blouse Design

A classic black lace blouse will look perfect with all your sarees and will add that catchy element to your over all look.

2) Anita Hassanandani in cape off shoulder blouse design

Off-shoulder and cape neck blouse are two cool trending blouse model of this season. And opting for both these trends together will surely blow everyone’s mind.

3) Anita Hassanandani in collar neck blouse design

This peek-a-boo blouse with a collar will give that sleek look that you desired.

4) Anita Hassanandani in sheer net blouse design

5) Anita Hassanandani in pearl strap blouse design

Pearls can add that glam to any of your looks and when it comes to blouse then pearls play the major role to enhance it.

6) Anita Hassanandani in choker style velvet blouse

For that modest look, you can opt for this choker style velvet blouse as choker and velvet blouse are in trend.

7) Anita Hassanandani in off shoulder embroidered blouse

This blouse is perfect for this wedding season as the embroidery will give that festive look and off shoulder style will make you look stylish.

8) Anita Hassanandani in cape style blouse

Cape is one simple way to hide your chubby skin and the plus point is that it is also very much in trend nowadays.

9) Anita Hassanandani blouse with little-beaded details

The little-beaded details are enhancing the whole look of the blouse. It is adding that much needed feminine touch to Anita’s look.

10) Anita Hassanandani off-shoulder blouse with a chic collar neck

An off-shoulder blouse with a chic collar neck like the one Anita is wearing can make you look sexy no matter what. It’s a must try

11) Anita Hassanandani shimmery cold-shoulder blouse

As wedding season is approaching, this shimmery off shoulder blouse is the perfect one to opt. This will make your simple and plain saree, party ready.

12) Anita Hassanandani bell sleeves blouse

To have that princess-like feel you can opt bell sleeves just like Anita did.

13) Anita Hassanandani one shoulder blouse

One shoulder blouse gives that chic look and there is no harm to try a new style that looks so good.

14) Anita Hassanandani cold shoulder with peek-a-boo design blouse

A combination of peek-a-boo with the cold shoulder is the best one yet.

15) Anita Hassanandani tulle frill high neck blouse

It’s the classy and one of the unique blouse design yet. these tulle frills brace up your neck for you to look regal.

16) Anita Hassanandani cross neck blouse

Keep your figure crossed and wear this cross neck blouse for that sexy look.

17) Anita Hassanandani overly exaggerated sleeve blouse

This overly exaggerated sleeve will make everyone notice you even if you stand miles apart.

18) Anita Hassanandani close neck blouse with elongated sleeves


Give a twist to your close neck blouse with an elongated sleeve just like Anita.

So, all this information is a proof that Anita Hassanandani blouse design are ultimate goals for all of us.

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