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Ayurvedic herbs are so very effective on skin. Nowadays people have started using fancy products that consist chemicals. Yes, these chemical mixed products show results soon on your skin, but after some time they dull your skin as well. Their results are not permanent; they are just for some time. But, on the other side Ayurvedic herbs like Chandan (Sandalwood) and Turmeric (Haldi) makes your skin glow and better naturally. These herbs do take time to show results, but they are very effective and the best part is ayurvedic products will never harm your skin. And in this article, we will be telling you about some of the Ayurvedic products that you can use to make your skin glow naturally. So, here have a look at the article!

1) Chandan (Sandalwood):

Chandan is one of the most important skin care herbs. It is used for skin lightening since ages. There are no side effects of using Chandan and it also makes your skin glow naturally. You can also use sandalwood oil if you have dry skin, and sandalwood powder in case your skin is oily. Chandan also treats acne, cures pimples and tanning. It has a cold potency.

2) Turmeric (Haldi):

Turmeric is known for its properties of giving a natural glow and radiance to the skin, as it is known as a blood purifier too. It has antibacterial and anti-aging properties. And helps to relieve skin diseases. Its potency is warm and it would be more beneficial if used in winters.

3) Aloe Vera (Ghritkumari):

Aloe vera is known to be the best beauty product. It has antimicrobial properties, which treats pimples and acne. Aloe vera refresh the skin and hydrate it, which keeps your skin fresh and glowing all the time. It facilitates the remaking of fresh and new cells by removing dead cells from skin. It is an excellent moisturizer for skin.

4) Kesar (Saffron):

Kesar or Saffron is one of the most expensive spices which is derived from the plant known as Crocus sativas.  Saffron has the variety of beauty benefits along with health benefits. It makes the skin glow and brightens by removing the tanning and tone the skin. It also helps to get rid of acne.

5) Carrot:

Using carrot nourishes your skin and keeps your skin hydrated. Your moisturizer can also be replaced if you start using the carrot on a regular basis. It acts as a reliever for dry and itchy skin chapped lips and minor infections.

6) Quince Seed:

Quince seeds are also known for its properties of making the skin look young.

7) Almond Oil:

Almond oil keeps your skin glowing and soft. You can add it to your daily routine and can change it with your cosmetics.

8) Cucumber or Seeds Of Cucumber:

They are natural coolants and balance the pH of the skin. And is best to be used in summers. Boil seeds in water and make a paste of it. Then, mix it with a little honey and olive oil and apply it all over your face. It tightens the skin too. Also, it also helps the skin to look younger due to its anti-aging properties.

9) Tulsi (Holy Basil):

Tulsi has antiseptic properties. And it acts as a natural astringent and gives freshness to the skin.

10)  Kumkumadi Oil (Pharma Copeia):

This oil is made by blending 16 Ayurvedic herbs and is best for removing tan, pimples, and blemishes. This oil can be applied directly to the skin and it won’t harm your skin in any way.

So, these were 10 Ayurvedic herbs that make your skin glow naturally.

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