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Bigg Boss, a show where you leave your family friends behind and come to the show in front of 100+ cameras to make your career and to get fame. But, during these days these contestants tend to feel the importance of their family of the people who love them a lot and who care for them. And this season in Bigg Boss 11, a surprise was arranged for all the contestants.

When it’s almost been 60 days in the Bigg Boss house and after all the laugh, fight, bicker, and cry, contestants have got a very special surprise from Bigg Boss. According to the “Statue task,” all the contestants has to stay still like a statue when Bigg Boss announces freeze. During, this time the contestants will welcome their friends and family in the house who will visit as a part of the new ‘Statue’ task. This task was one of the most emotional task of Bigg Boss 11.

Shilpa’s mom and Puneesh’s dad made contestants shed genuine tears for once. And here, we have come up with the clips where contestants family members came to the house and made their day. Have a look at the clips.

Puneesh Sharma’s Father



In the beginning, Puneesh Sharma’s father enters the house and said the sweetest things to all the frozen hearts of the frozen contestants. He also mentioned how Puneesh’s mother wants to meet Shilpa Shindey and tells Akash Dadlani how their friendship transcends the walls of Bigg Boss house.

Priyank Sharma’s Girlfriend


Priyank Sharma’s girlfriend, who he met in Splitsvilla X came to the house and talked her heart out. She told him how insecure she feels because of all the rumors spreading outside. And she told him to not be in a group and play individually and that Vikas is his only friend in the house. She also stated that she came to scold him, but his face melted her heart. Divya kept crying and their reunion made all of us cry.

Akash Dadlani’s Mother


Akash’s mother is undoubtedly one of the cutest visitors inside the house this week. She told Akash that ‘kuch paane ke liye, kuch khona bhi padhta hai’, and also added later that she would rather be his father once he comes out as he already has found a mother in Shilpa. Then, she went to Shilpa, hugged her and even planted a kiss on her cheeks. And when Akash was released he hugged his mom and sang his Bigg Boss rap and he also asked his mom to find a girlfriend for him.

Shilpa Shinde’s Mother


When Shipa’s mom entered the house she too wins everyone heart with her gentleness and she asked everyone to play fair and not to abuse each other. And she was seen asking them to respect the title they gave to her daughter, ‘Maa’ and not to mistreat her. And then she met her daughter and showered her with kisses.

Vikas Gupta’s Mother


Vikas cried openly as he meets his mom and hugged her tightly. He stated now he has realized how important is his mother to him and did his “Happy dance” as well. And his mother even hugged Shilpa and Priyank.

Arshi Khan’s Father

Arshi Khan’s father came to Bigg Boss house and spread smiles on everyone’s face and talked to everyone. She told Arshi that she is looking nice on television. And for a fun fact, he advised her to change her hairstyle and do ponytail for a change. He even advised her to call Salman,  “Salman sir” or “Salman Sahab”.

Hina Khan’s Boyfriend

Hina Khan cried openly when his boyfriend came to the house. He gave Hina a ring and they were openly seen confessing their love for each other. Hina got so emotional that was even requesting him to take her along with him outside.


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