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Sagittarius baby’s month starts from 23rd December to 22nd December. And we are sure if you are reading this article, then you must be a Sagittarius or someone from your family or friends is a Sagittarius. So, for you all, in this article, we have written 5 traits that show you are a true Sagittarius at heart. So, here have a look at the article!

1) You have no filter

True Sagittarius

You show exactly what you feel. And you never sugarcoat or filter anything before saying or showing. Having no filter is your strength as people know you will never ever lie. But, sometimes it becomes your weakness too as your loved ones get hurt by your too honest nature.

2) No matter whose birthday or special day it is, you always get the whole attention

True Sagittarius

You are always the center of attraction. Your friends love being around you. Your nature is so good and you mold it according to the situation. That is why you get the whole attention.

3) You are the life of the party

True Sagittarius

Without you everyone feel bored, you add spark and energy to the party with your ideas and entertaining nature. Yes, you are a party animal and people love you a lot.

4) You have no patience, not even a little!

True Sagittarius

Patience and a Sagittarius have no connections at all. Sagittarius people are so impatient that they first do argument and then ask the reason. And when it comes to waiting for a friend, then never trust a Sagittarius, they are the ones who will always be late and if ever, fortunately, they come on time, they’ll have no patience to wait for anyone.

5) You can be quite demanding at times

True Sagittarius

Being a pampered kid and friend of your group, you sometimes become very demanding. What you want is what you want there’s no one who can deny your demand. Well, for the Sagittarius people who are in a relationship, we wish good luck to your partner as they are going to face a tough time with your demands.

So, these signs show that you are a true Sagittarius at heart.

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