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one single thing can never be perfect. If it has positive effects, then it will also have negative effects as well even if it is 1%. And same goes for green tea. Yes, green tea is very popular for all its positive effects on your body and health, but there are some harmful effects of green tea that no one ever told you. And in this article, we will be telling 5 harmful effects of green tea. Here have a look at the article!

Harmful Effects Of Green Tea

Harmful Effects Of Green Tea That No One Ever Told You

1) Teeth

Harmful Effects Of Green Tea

Drinking green tea too often leaves a bad effect on your teeth. Green tea contains tannins. and it is its acidic nature. And these 2 main factors cause the tea to stain your teeth.

There is one more side effect of green tea on your teeth that caffeine present in green tea can slow down the absorption of calcium and it limits the growth of your teeth and teeth start weakening.

2) Heartburn

Harmful Effects Of Green Tea

Green tea is acidic in nature and can irritate the esophageal lining, causing heartburn. Though normal brewed green tea could not be so harmful, the bottled green tea that you often find in the markets could be the actual threat. it’s because the bottled green tea is fortified with an acidic preservative like ascorbic acid. Some bottled green teas come with a citrus flavoring, making them all the more acidic. Try and avoid the citrus flavoring green tea as much as you can.

3) Stomach Problems

Harmful Effects Of Green Tea

Caffeine could be the most common culprit for stomach problems. Though it has a lower amount of caffeine than other types of tea, it still can cause problems. This is on the grounds that caffeine expands the measure of corrosive associated with the stomach related process. This can cause pain or nausea.

4) Headaches

Harmful Effects Of Green Tea

Because of the presence of caffeine, in green tea, it might cause mild to severe headaches. Headaches can also be caused by iron deficiency which is occurred due to the maximum intake of green tea. Apart from headaches, green tea can also cause dizziness. So, start using decaffeinated green tea products.

5) Might Cause Insomnia

Harmful Effects Of Green Tea

Another possible bad effect of green tea is insomnia. This can be turned away by restricting green tea consumption, as the lethal dosage of the caffeine in green tea is evaluated to be 10 – 14 grams in a day. Taking green tea too late in the day can cause this effect.

So, these were 5 harmful effects of green tea that no one ever told you.

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