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Do you know each number of rose has a specific meaning to it? We are sure most2of you are not aware of this fact. But, today we will be telling you what is the meaning of the specific number of roses, from 1 to 100. So, here have a look at the article!

Number Of Roses

1 Rose- love at first sight

2 Roses- you are deeply in love

3 Roses- I love you

4 Roses- nothing will come between you too

5 Roses- indicates  care

6 Roses- signifies ‘I want to be yours’

7 Roses- signifies infatuation

8 Roses- shows support

9 Roses- a symbol of eternal love

10 Roses- special way to tell someone ‘they’re perfect’

11 Roses- ‘you are my treasured one’

12 Roses- simple way to ask them to be yours

13 Roses- simple way to ask them to be yours

14 Roses- When you’re proud of someone

15 Roses- Wish for forgiveness/ to apologize

16 Roses- To say happy journey

17 Roses- Perfect gift for wife

18 Roses- Symbol of sincerity and trueness

19 Roses- Give it to someone you plan to wait for

20 Roses- Symbolic of sincerity and belief

21 Roses- Show your commitment

22 Roses- Togetherness, and luck

23 Roses- Shows passion

24 Roses- They’re always on your mind

25 Roses- You want to share all your happiness with them

26 Roses- They are your life

27 Roses- Tell your wife how much you love her

28 Roses- Best Friends

29 Roses- You are special to me

30 Roses- Faith and faithfulness

31 Roses- Will you be mine?

32 Roses- You’ll love them until the day you die

33 Roses- Signifies affection

34 Roses- Have a crush on you

35 Roses- For a big apology

36 Roses- Remember all the romantic moments you have shared

37 Roses- When you love someone from the bottom of your heart

38 Roses- You look beautiful

39 Roses- I see my world in you

40 Roses- Genuine love for a special someone

41 Roses- We look good together

42 Roses- I want to marry you

43 Roses- Let’s be together and never leave each other

44 Roses- Constant love

45 Roses- Together forever

46 Roses- We are soul mates

47 Roses- Signifies ‘you are my one and only’

48 Roses- Represent unchanging love

49 Roses-  My love for you will never change

50 Roses- Unconditional love

100 Roses- Gesture of devotion. The person connects with you spiritually <3

So, this is what the specific number of roses actually mean.

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