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Propose day is approaching on this 8th February and we are sure that you must be searching for some unique and creative ideas to confess your love to the love of your life. So, to help you all in this article, we have mentioned 5 creative ideas to confess your love to your bae on propose day. Here, have a look!

1) Fortune Cookie

Confess Your Love

It’s easy to get a fortune cookie that says, “will you marry me?” and it’s a lovely surprise! Any girl who’ll get such surprise will definitely feel very special. Also, you can customize the cookie and add a ring in it, this will make the surprise even bigger for you bae.

2) A box full of gems and hidden ring

Confess Your Love

This is a superrrrr cute idea to propose. Just pick a small box, fill it with gems and when you meet your bae just offer them the gems. When all of it will be finished the box will be left with only a ring. Yes, you can do it with a wine glass too, but that’s kinda risky according to me. So, why not play safe.

3) Write your message at the bottom of a warm beverage

Confess Your Love

This propose day, confess your love by taking your bae to a coffee date or simply make a coffee by yourself. But, make sure you write your message at the bottom of a warm beverage. So, when they are done with their beverage, they’ll end up getting your message.

4) QR code necklace

Confess Your Love

QR code necklace is a unique way to propose your bae. These necklaces are available online. These are basically a code that you’ll scan and receive a message like “I Love You” or “Will You Marry Me”. Isn’t is just super cute and creative.

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5) Pokémon-style (Hey young lovers)

Confess Your Love

Buy a Pokemon ball and put a ring and your message written on a paper. The apt message would surely be “I choose you” and you all know the reason. You can find plastic ones that open up on any online website.

So, these were 5 creative ideas to confess your love to your bae on propose day.

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