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Chocolate day is very special for everyone, it is a day that symbolizes you sweetness towards your love. And to show that people gift chocolates to their loved ones. But, to gift chocolate in a unique way we are here to help you. So, in this article, we will be telling you 5 creative ideas for the chocolate day. Here, have a look at the complete guide for 9th February that is the chocolate day!

1) Chocolate Bouquet

Chocolate Day

What’s better than gifting a girl bouquet of chocolate. A bouquet is something that every girl loves whether it is of roses or chocolates. So, surprise your loved one with a bouquet filled with their favorite chocolate.

2) Handmade Chocolates

Chocolate Day

Anything that is made with love and efforts never goes in vain, and same goes for chocolates. No matter how simple this gift looks, but your lover will surely love to receive handmade chocolates by you.

3) Ring inside chocolate egg

Ring inside the chocolate egg is a unique concept and will make your love go blush. If you want to make your bae feel special, then you should definitely go with this creative idea. Well, to make it easy for you we will be explaining you step by step, how to make the chocolate egg.

Step 1: Get a pack of kinder joy and enjoy its delicious taste and finish it asap 😛

Step 2: Add a thin layer of chocolate syrup to the pack

Step 3: Freeze the pack properly, but make sure you freeze both the sides separately.

Step4: Now carefully take out the half egg-shaped chocolates from the pack

Step 5: Put the ring in one of the half egg-shaped chocolate

Step 6: Gently rub chocolate eggs edges and do it till it starts to melt a bit.

Step 7: Now join both the sides and clean the melted chocolate

Step 8: Here, your chocolate egg with a surprise is ready.

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4) Chocolate with the photograph of your lover

Chocolate Day

If your lover has a great interested in getting clicked, then this idea is perfect for you. Just pick your lover’s beautiful picture and get it printed on the chocolate wrapper. Now changes the original wrapper with the customized one and you are good to go.

5) Rose and box made of chocolate

chocolate day

Rose and box made of chocolate is something anyone would love to get. You can get it made from your nearest bakery shop if they are expert enough. Or you can check it online and contact professionals.

So, these were 5 creative ideas to show your love that they are the sweetest on Chocolate day.

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