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It is time for you to send a teddy that ‘bears’ your love to your bae, loved ones and friends. Girls like teddy bear a lot, they always keep teddys in their bedroom with good memories. So, Don’t forget to excite your bae with a soft toy. And in this article, we will be telling you 5 creative ideas for teddy day. Here, have a look at the complete guide for 10th February that is the teddy day!

1. Teddy Bouquet

Surprise your bae with a beautiful teddy bouquet. Yes, a big teddy may entice a lot, but a teddy bouquet is the cutest gesture you can show to your bae. You can get this teddy bouquet at gift shops and can customize it according to your choice.

2. Teddy Bear Keychain

A teddy bear keychain is perfect to gift to your loved one. For a girl or a boy, it is suitable for each one of us. This makes the gift more special as keys are something that everyone keeps close to them and use every day. Thus, your loved one will see your gift on daily basis and will miss you all the time. You can get teddy bear key chains easily available at Amazon.


Teddy Day

3. Cupid Teddy Bear Chocolate

As people say, “all you need is some love and a chocolate to make day special”. And as it is teddy day so, spread love, eat chocolate in a unique by giving it the shape of a teddy. You can get this one at bakery shops and customize it according to your choice.

Teddy Day

4. Fur Coat

Wanna gift a teddy? What’s better than being a teddy bear yourself 😉

Gift a fake teddy fur coat with cute ears like teddy to your bae and get one for yourself too and be each other’s teddy, cute and loving <3. It is the best way to show love, celebrate teddy day and keep yourself safe from winters.

Teddy Day

5. A BIIGGG Teddy Bear

By a BIIGGG teddy bear, we really mean a very big one. Your girl may not say it, but inside every person there’s is a kid that asks for comfort, warmth, and love that you surely give to her. But, in your absence, your gift will surely be by her side to comfort her.


So, these were some creative ideas for Teddy Day.

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