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Promises are something that assures your faithfulness and presence. Be it a promise to always stay together or to make each second of your lovers’ life happy, promises are meant to be kept. One should never make a promise when they have even 1% doubt that they cannot keep it, as promises are one emotional gesture. But, if you love your bae with all your heart and want to make them blush and happy this promise day, we will help you. In this article, we will be telling you 10 sweetest promises you can give to your bae on this promise day. Here, have a look!

1) I will be the same person always

Because the person you loved has to be the same always.

Promise Day

2) I promise to be a little crazy forever so that you remember that life doesn’t always need to be serious

To make your life always fun and happy.

Promise Day

3) I will love you for much more than your outer beauty

Because when I started loving you, it was not just for your outer beauty, but for your inner beauty as well.

Promise Day

4) I promise to give you sloppy kisses when you have had a bad day

Because it will be my responsibility to the life you up and forget the bad stuff.

Promise Day

5) I promise to order the Joey special pizza whenever you’re mad at me and let you have the last slice

I’m giving you the last slice of pizza, look how much I love you❤

Promise Day

6) I will always include you in my decisions

Because you are a part of me and my life.

Promise Day

7) I promise to squish you with a tight hug every now and then

So that no matter how much you are stressed or sad, you will cheer up and you’ll know that you are not alone.

Promise Day

8) You will always be my priority

Because you are my everything

Promise Day

9) I want to grow old only with you

Because I want to see all your perfections flaws and would still love to feel how much I love you❣

Promise Day

10) I promise to love you even when we are toothless and a little bent over

You+Me= Together Forever

Promise Day

So, there were the 10 sweetest promises you can give to your bae on this promise day.

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