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A hug is that physical intimacy which full of emotions. The emotions can vary from happiness to love to cry, but there nothing better than what a hug can do. A hug can literally do miracles, when you are sad and you hug your special one, it acts as a reliever and you forget all your stress and it makes you more patient. And it also symbolizes “I am there for you”. when you hug someone, you are actually giving them surety that you will stick to them in their thick and thins. And in this article, we will be telling you What does different type of hugs really mean. So, here have a look at this hug day special post.

Hug Day Special

Types Of Hugs Girls Give To Guys and their Meaning

1) The sleepy shoulder hug

This is not a hug a lot of girls would give you if she doesn’t feel safe around you. This hug is when she wraps her arms around you and rests her head on your shoulder.

This hug totally means that the girl is into you and sees her future with you.

Hug Day
2) The proper and polite hug

This hug is for the sake of social etiquettes. It’s the kind of hug in which she may act like she’s hugging you but without touching you because she does not feel such connections with you. These hugs are generally accompanied by a polite smile.

This kind of hug means that the girl needs some time to feel comfortable with you. And you need to make her feel free and go easy with her.

Hug Day

3) The bear hug

When you hug your lover without being self-conscious is the time when you have found your true mate. In this hug the girl doesn’t care if the hug messes her hair or her outfit, she’ll run into you with arms wide open and then hug you tightly.

The meaning of this hug is, she missed you and is very happy to see you.

Hug Day
4) The one-sided hug

One-sided hugs are the most awkward ones. If she gives you this at the end of your first date, don’t expect the second one. And if you already know her and she give you this hug, then she only considers you her friend, nothing else. And the meaning is clear itself, you are friend zoned.


Hug Day
5) The squeezing hug

If she hugs you with one or both arms with that extra squeeze, you know she had fun and whatever it is she had with you, you can expect she would want to do it again. It’s not much of a passionate or romantic hug, but at least it’s a good sign for future.

Hug Day

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Types Of Hugs Guys Give To Girls and their Meaning

1) The Cold Shoulder Hug

The cold shoulder hug is generally experienced by many of us. It is a kind of hug that has the least connect to each others body. This hug is basically that awkward hug we do when we are in a confusion.
These hugs are mostly done on first dates as guys are not really sure if the girl is ready for a hug or not. And these hugs are also done on last date, the symbol of consolation but have to say goodbye kinda hug or else if the guy still does cold shoulder hugs, then he’s probably too shy.

Hug Day
2) The Catcher Type of Hug

The catcher type hug can only be described by one word, that is ADORABLE. In catcher hug, the guy holds you around your waist and whisks you off your feet. Often these hugs are accompanied by kisses. In this hug, he also lets you wrap your legs tightly around his waist as he holds you tight against him.
The meaning of this kinda hug is the guy missed the girl too much and is very excited to reunite again. No matter if you have met the previous day or 1 month back, he’s too into you to miss you each second of his life.

Hug Day
3) The Sneaky Hug

These are the most exciting sort of hugs where boys sneak up from behind a girl and give her an unexpected hug by winding their arms around her waist and kissing her neck.

The meaning of this kinda hug is that the guy loves her deeply. And wrapping her body in his arms, he wants her to feel the connection between them.

Hug Day

4) The Hug With The Pat

This hug brings the sad news as he hugs you gently and pats your upper back lightly. This is an indication that he is not into you. Or there’s one more meaning to it. This might be an encouragement to you before you are about to take some big step. If this kind of hug is often delivered in public while he hugs you tightly in private, it means he is not comfortable with public displays of affection. Chances are he wants separation or he’s just not so comfortable being with you in public.

Hug Day
5) A Hug with a kiss on forehead

These are the most adorable hugs a girl can get. The guy loves you by all his heart when he hugs you and kisses your forehead. He sees his future with you and would love to take you home to meet his parents and not his bed. If you girls ever get to meet the guy who kisses your forehead and makes you the most comfortable with his hugs, then there’s one suggestion, never ever step back from that relationship.

Hug Day

So, this is what different type of hugs really mean. (Hug day special)

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