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We all absolutely love our parents and respect them. They are just super cute and caring, but because of this care they sometimes end up saying some weird statements that we believe is true but actually are not. And in this article, we will be telling you 6 weird statements we believed because our parents said they were true. Here, have a look!

1) Beta bas graduation khatam karlo, uske baad toh maze hi maze hain

People doing the job be like…..”I am doing a job, I have completed my graduation 3 years back…..where are the maze?”


PS- Enjoy your life at every stage, but if you call job, MAZE then it’s up to you

Weird Statements

2) Beta agar tum soye nahi to gabbar/ mogambo etc aa jaega

This is the perfect dialogue launched in the movie ‘Sholay’ that actually ruined the creative imagination of most of the kids at night. Like why mom dad? Why?

Weird Statements

3) Beta shaadi karlo, sab theek ho jayega.

Shaadi? Sab theek ho jayega? Really mom dad? huh. This is one most weird statement ever said by each and every Indian parent, especially to girls.

Weird Statements

4) Beta chai mat piyo, kaale ho jaaoge

We’re not being racist or anything, but the desire to have fair skin is drilled into our innocent brains by none other than our own parents, but it is as well drilled into their brains by their parents. But, now that we have opened up about racism and everything, we don’t mind getting darker with every cup of the much-needed chai we have. At least our hearts are not black. How can one explain all these lies, We and our parents heard all their life.

Weird Statements

5) Beta dudh pi lo, gore ho jaoge

The ingredient used in all the fairness products that we have always been forced to drink. I don’t know why being fair is every second person wish. Maybe it’s drilled into our minds from the beginning.

Weird Statements

6) Beta ye kha lo isme *vegetables you hate* nahin hai

This is the most like the most said lie by our parents. Our parents are just too cute and caring that they do not want us to be sad and stay healthy at the same time. Though we all know it’s a veggie soup but they will still be able to fool us by saying “dekho isme vegeyable dikh ri hain kahin? nahi na”.

Weird Statements

So, these were 6 weird statements we believed because our parents said they were true.

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