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Childhood days were fun, no tension, no worries, only fun. Childhood days are very special to everyone, all the memories from past give goosebumps and leave a great impact on us. Those days can never get back because day by day all of us are growing and growing in a way that the innocence we all had is lost. We all must have done some special naughty and sweet things. And we for sure miss all the candies and things we used to eat when we were kids. And in this article, we will be telling you some of those childhood candies that we all must have eaten and miss them now. So, here have a look at the food items that will make you remember your childhood days and check out how many of them you have eaten and which is your most favorite and you miss eating them.

1) Chatmola

The chatpata flavor was everyone’s favorite

2) Poppins

Those colorful candies were love

3) Natkhat

4) Parle Kismi toffee

The name and taste, both are really interesting 😉

5) Piknik

6) Jumbo Gumballs

They used to be heaven for us

7) Rola Cola

8) Phantom Cigarettes

We always pretended to be a badass kid by smoking these sweet cigarettes. Felt nostalgic?

9) Mango Bite

The most famous toffee till now

10) Fun Flips

Orange and Green ones were the best

11) Boomer

12) Guru Chela

It was really a sweet delicious candy, and the two-faced prints on the packets were so cool that we resisted throwing away the empty packets.

13) Jelly Cups

14) Hajmola

The spicy and tasty digestive tablets were so good that we could pop five in one go.

15) Gems

16) Eclairs

They were the perfect birthday sweets

17) Magic Pop

The sound we always used to hear while eating it 😀

18) center shock

19) Crax corn rings

Remember when you put those corn rings in all your fingers and eat it. And the special free gifts inside the pack

20) Cotton Candy

The ones we used to call “Budhi ke baal”

21) Coffee Bite

Still the best

22) Pan Pasand

23) Cadbury’s Nutties

24) Chiclets

25) Pepsi Lollipop

It was a flavored ice made of fruits and sugar.

So, these were some food items that will make you remember your childhood days. Comment down below, how many of these you have eaten in your childhood and which is your favorite among all of these.

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